About Mountain Master E-Bikes

When my wife and I first looked at purchasing an E-Bike each we were, like many people, staggered by the cost. At that time, it was and indeed still is, a relatively new technology with regards to E-bikes, E-cars, E-scooters etc, etc. The list goes on and as with all things of a high tech nature, prices do tend to have a steady downward spiral. This wasn’t a fast enough downward trend for us.

Having recently retired and having not a lot else to do with our time, aside from tending a small Olive Grove in North Canterbury, we had a keen desire to pack up the new caravan and hit the road. We had seen some marvelous cycle trails around the country. Wanting to take advantage of these wonderful assets, we did of course need a couple of bikes, but what type? Standard or e-bikes? After borrowing some friends e-bikes for a day, we were sold! E-bikes were for us, given that they are a hybrid using either battery or leg power. What to do about those high prices? We decided to look around the world for a very good quality product at a reasonable price. From the first E-bikes we imported our philosophy has remained the same. Keep our overheads down, buy right, keep margins low ( a lot easier to do as a small 2 person e-commerce operation) and pass those savings on to our customers.

We decided to keep with one main supplier, run a small range of products ( in this case 3 designs, 2 colours in each and a choice of two different wheels on 2 of the bikes, a 3 blade magnesium alloy and spoke wheels.) This way we could ensure we carried a full range of spare parts and could offer our suppliers larger orders, thus receiving in return more purchasing power which we could pass onto the customer. All very cyclical but works well to everyone’s advantage.

So it transpired we are able to offer a high quality product at a very competitive price. A product that has far more technology and power than can be expected even in other e-bikes costing many time the price of these sturdy, robust fast paced yet eye catching designs. Our bikes are all backed up with a manufacturer’s 12 month warranty.